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The Helping Abused Animals website platform was created to support multiple aspects of animal welfare initiatives. We showcase many animal rescue organizations on our directory and blog posts. We provide information to bring awareness to people about animal issues on our social media, LinkedIn group, blog and online daily global news. Animal lovers may join the community of like-minded people on our website where they can showcase how they, as individuals are helping animals. Others see these samples of how to help. We offer resources and tips to help animal lovers in their pursuit of helping pets and other animals. Our online store offers cruelty-free products to help vegan buyers as well as those who want to be compassionate with their purchases. We appreciate that our sponsors support animal rights in their personal lives as well as their businesses.

How do you help billions of animals…

   …from being abused, tortured and slaughtered every year? When you stop to think about this reality, it is overwhelmingly heartbreaking, horrifying and debilitating. Some people are not mindful of this reality. Some don’t realize the extent of the brutality. And yes, some don’t care or actually enjoy the cruelty they inflict. Thankfully…there are many people who do care and are trying to stop this horror, by savings animals and trying to make people aware of what is really happening to animals.   But there is so much more to do… Join us in the effort. 

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Interested in learning more about many rescue organizations? Our directory of over 100 such organizations for you to pursue. Would you like to recommend any? We would love it if you add them to our directory, for free.

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We know that you already love animals and are a compassionate person because you are visiting our site. We invite you to join our center for free to meet other compassionate individuals. Add your name to show others how people can help animals. Want to help animals even more? See the list of suggested ways to help.

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100% Goes Towards Helping Animals

Many businesses care about animals and support organizations that are helping abused animals. Check out some of them on our business directory. Would your business like to support our efforts? Promote it here. We are on the first page of Google.

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Want to keep up with what is happening globally as related to animal issues. We offer a Daily Global Online Newsletter When you view the newsletter, you will be offered a free subscription.


Are you looking for tips on animal issues? Our Resources page offers viewers many tips and information to help animal lovers, with pet information, vegan food tips, disaster kits, CPR, statistics, how to report animal abuse, petition sites and more.

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Do you want an easier time to find great products that are cruelty-free? Visit our Online Shop which lists only cruelty-free products.

Visit our CafePress store to purchase products with Dahlia’s hand-painted Elephant. 100% of proceeds go to Helping Abused Animals.

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Visit our Blog to read more about animal issues, great rescue organization successes and more. Share the stories to help promote the rescue organizations more and to help make your community aware also.

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Also, join our LinkedIn Group Helping Abused Animals to meet thousands of other like-minded animal lovers.

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“Farm animals feel pleasure and sadness, excitement and resentment, depression, fear, and pain. They are far more aware and intelligent than we ever imagined…they are individuals in their own right.” The Someone Project at Farm Sanctuary

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