x Interviews by Rescue Organizations

To the animal rescue organizations, we would love to write often about your organization on our Helping Abused Animals platform, and share the content on our social media. If you search on ‘Helping Abused Animals’, we are on the first, and multiple pages of Google. Any added visibility for your organization is always beneficial.

Thank you for taking the time to submit your guest blog article and/or interview.

And most of all, thank you for all your efforts in Helping Abused Animals!!


  • Tell us about your organization, its mission, goals, successes.
  • - Some animal lovers would love to start their own sanctuary or other 501c organization.
    - Do you have any guidance that you can offer? How long did it take you to create and setup your 501c?
  • Do you collaborate with
    - other 501c's?
    - pet stores?
    - Vets?
    - Animal health insurance providers?
    - Other?
  • How do you bring them to your site?
    How many new animals do you bring each month or year?
    How many of these animals survive from your help?
  • Not everyone can give a lot of money, or volunteer onsite, or adopt your animals.
    But they want to help.
    What other things would be most helpful to your organization and to any animal organization?
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    Accepted file types: jpg, gif.
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