Verified, Currently-Vegan Celebrities,

As per Bustle article *

Ellen Page
Jessica Chastain
James Cromwell
Alician Silverstone
Ariana Grande
Ellen DeGeneres
Joaquin Phoenix
Miley Cyrus
Liam Hemsworth
Woody Harrelson
Mayim Bialik
Joan Jett
Bellamy Young
Casey Affleck
Daniella Monet
Dawn Richard
Russell Simmons
Stevie Wonder
Pamela Anderson
Peter Dinklage
James Cameron
Kate Mara
Rooney Mara
Al Gore
Evanna Lynch
Wacka Flocka Flame
Travis Barker

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Jared Leto
Michelle Pfeiffer
Emily Deschanel
Christie Brinkley
Mayim Bialik
Tony Kanal
Persia White
Jessica Chastain
Russell Simmons
Alicia Silverstone
Pamela Anderson
Erykah Badu
Daisy Fuentes

Read their story and reasons for being vegan:


Friends – Individuals

See what some Friends are doing to Help Abused Animals

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United States


Sample support includes
  • Adopt or Foster Animal(s)
  • Buy Cruelty-Free Products
  • Buy at Rescue Organization Shops
  • Create/Sign/Share Petitions
  • Donate Money/Products to Rescue Organizations
  • Don't Attend/Participate in Animal Entertainment
  • Don't Buy Leather, Fur, Wool
  • Fundraising
  • Support Education/Training
  • Share Information via Posting to Social Media
  • Share Information via Writing Blogs/eNewsletters
  • Volunteer Your Time/Services at/for Rescue Organizations
  • Write to Officials

I published and co-authored Rescue Me: Tales of Rescuing the Dogs Who Became Our Teachers, Healers, and Always Faithful Friends as a fundraiser for shelters/rescues. to raise sensitivity to the plight of homeless dogs, and to encourage responsible lifelong pet guardianship.

The companion e-course and book guide is available free at:

Which is your favorite animal rescue organization and why?

Meade Canine Rescue Foundation - they rescue and give sanctuary to senior dogs (and a few cats) pulled from high kill shelters. Charlotte Meade wrote the Foreword for Rescue Me Seniors.

Yves Claude

NY - New York

United States


Sample support includes
  • Create/Sign/Share Petitions
  • Fundraising
  • Report Animal Abuse When Seen
  • Share Information via Posting to Social Media
  • Work on State Legislation
  • Write to Officials

We are a start-up nonprofit focused on the idea that dogs are not property, we are, Dogs Are Not Toasters (DANT). Last September we launched our petition drive to change dog's status to sentient beings. We need passionate support like yours to bring us closer to changing this outdated legislation. Please help us petition our government for change by signing our petition and sharing our cause.

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